Thursday, November 1, 2012

Concrete Restoration - VIDEO IS NOT LA BONNE VIE

All condos in Florida will need concrete restoration at some point.  How long depends upon the proximity to the ocean, how well the association maintained the paint, the original quality of construction and RESERVE FUNDS.  If a building does not allocate reserve funds for concrete restoration, board members may vote to delay repairs which can lead to even bigger problems. 

The rusted rebar can easily travel inside the condo and I've seen numerous buildings on the island where the damage traveled inside the unit several feet (see video).  
La Bonne Vie was built in 1967 and concrete restoration and a new roof were completed in 2009.

At the time the building did not hold reserve funds and the special assessments ranged from $30K to $60K per unit depending upon the size.  The repairs took several years to complete because the town does not allow noisy work during season.  

La Bonne Vie learned a valuable lesson and as of Dec 2014 they have over $400K in reserve funds!!


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